Bringing people together

When businesses, suppliers, customers and community work together, amazing things happen. The best projects begin with collaboration. Whether you’re seeking an intelligent, reliable network, building a secure mobile workplace, or bringing together people from diverse locations, Comlinx makes IT work better.

Contact Centre & Customer Experience Solutions

In a competitive business environment, you may only get one shot at creating the right impression. With the help of Comlinx, you can make sure every chance counts.


Instead of seeing security as a limiting factor, we view it as an enabler. Bringing together the best in security technology and Comlinx expertise lets your business flourish securely, without feeling restricted.

It is not only the risks that are changing. Some of the most exciting opportunities for organisations, such as mobility, analytics and new service provision options, mean a big adjustment in the way environments are secured. Comlinx can help give your people the freedom to perform their tasks, without putting your information at risk.


When a group of people brings together their separate skills, expertise and ideas, a team is made. With the right tools in place, that team can be situated in diverse locations, yet still collaborate seamlessly, as though they were in the same room. No matter where they are located, teamwork no longer has to be limited by geography.


To build a spirit of collaboration and togetherness, we believe mobility needs to be an intelligent, enhanced part of any smart network strategy.

Instead of making workers with tablets, smartphones and iPads a separate afterthought, we use smart technologies that allow them to securely join a common framework. We don’t just stop at empowering your colleagues, though; we help you to find innovative ways to extend an invitation to your customers, so they can securely explore and interact with your organisation.

Intelligent Networks

It would be easy to dismiss the importance of the core network in the era of cloud, but in fact cloud increases demands.

There is more reason than ever to focus attention on the speed, security and capacity of your network – and to understand who is connecting, why and when. In fact, assessing your network should be among the first considerations when planning to move applications to the cloud. To build an intelligent network that allows new technologies to shine, Australia’s leading brands turn to Comlinx.