When a group of people brings together their separate skills, expertise and ideas, a team is made. With the right tools in place, that team can be situated in diverse locations, yet still collaborate seamlessly, as though they were in the same room. No matter where they are located, teamwork no longer has to be limited by geography.

Comlinx Experts can help you build a solution that allows your staff and customers to work together. We establish ways to leverage the power of collaboration technology to help improve the way your staff and business works.

Creating a truly collaborative environment harnesses the power of your people like never before. To achieve this, it is vital to understand the way your business works and link it to meaningful technology outcomes. A significant part of building a collaboration solution involves our experts working with stakeholders in your business. We do this to ensure that we take into account relevant work processes, and build systems that truly enhance the daily experience of your users.

Once your collaborative workplace is established, our skilled support options can be shaped to fit your own needs. Whether out-of-hours help, full 24/7 coverage or filling gaps as needed, we make sure your people can work together without disruption.

Unified Communications

By simplifying your existing telephony and contact centre communications needs onto a single platform, you can achieve tremendous efficiencies as well as a consistent, manageable service.

Comlinx can help you to integrate communications such as voice, instant messaging, video, email and SMS, to allow you to present a unified user interface and create a consistent customer experience.


With today’s tools and the right expertise, a rich, vibrant conference experience is made possible without bringing participants together in the same physical location.

The Comlinx advantage means you can share presentations, interact with an audience and create a powerful collaboration – without costly and time-consuming logistics.


As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words, so sometimes video can create far greater understanding than voice communications.

No matter what device your team chooses to work on, if it has a web cam and a browser, we can help you make video collaboration a reality. When showing is far more powerful than telling, Comlinx solutions enable you to tap into the power of video.

Presence & Instant Messaging

When today’s customers seek information or assistance, they are becoming accustomed to getting an instant response, no matter which communications channel they choose.

Instant messaging is a powerful tool that enables you to provide immediate responses to those preferring text conversations to telephone calls. Whether an alternative support option or a means of offering website visitors a more personalised experience, Comlinx can help you tailor a solution that makes your customers feel welcomed and valued.