In a competitive business environment, you may only get one shot at creating the right impression. With the help of Comlinx, you can make sure every chance counts.

Next Generation Contact Centres

Today’s customers are as likely to interact with you by instant message or social media as they are by phone or email. Creating a consistent service builds a special bond with your customers.

Whether using voice, social media, IM, email or fax, you can be sure to have ready access to all communications and customer history. Catering for multiple channels can represent an enormous opportunity for those able to create an integrated, consistently high level of service.

Customer experience management is about more than just bringing together multiple channels though. By smart use of automation technologies, you can support your people to perform more efficiently, and build intuitive environments that allow them to focus more attention on building rapport with your customers.

These intuitive environments are further enhanced by employing analytics technology to give you deeper insight into your customers and markets. Comlinx is uniquely positioned to help you with everything from creating solid infrastructure foundations through to establishing smart, fast ways to tap into the knowledge that can be extracted from your data resources.

From concept, through design and implementation, and even ongoing support, Comlinx has the experience that counts.

We assess your needs and design an environment that places your customer firmly at the centre of your world. With all customer information, from multiple communications channels, at your fingertips, you can identify opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell in real time.

With a plan that integrates back office applications, and includes branch locations, you are equipped to uncover faster insights into your customers, operations and business. We can help you create a plan that makes sure you meet all your compliance needs while giving a seamless customer experience at any of your locations.

Our experts bring your contact centre plan to life. We manage every aspect of implementing your solution, bringing together people and technology to make sure everything is fully operational. The Comlinx service team minimises effort and disruption, so you can get on with your business.

Whether you need short term help to fill a gap, or ongoing support to keep you at peak efficiency, Comlinx has a service that is right for you. We keep your call centre up and running, giving you the tools to offer outstanding service to your customers.

Automation and Self-Service

As demand for IT services grows, the room for human intervention shrinks.

To keep up with demand, there is a need for many processes to be automated, with users able to take advantage of self-service options that empower them to work whenever and wherever they need, unassisted.

When businesses need smarter, dependable automation and self-service for their customers and employees, they turn to the expertise of Comlinx.

With the right design, you can empower your customers and colleagues to be more self-sufficient, wherever and whenever they choose to engage with your business. Comlinx has the knack of creating powerful user experiences that shrink the amount of time you spend on support.

Time is one of the scarcest resources in most IT departments. It can be hard to find enough hours in the day to implement solutions that save you time. The Comlinx team is adept at finding ways to roll out new technology without interrupting your day-to-day business activities. By bringing in our specialists when you need them, you can smoothly introduce solutions that give your own team the chance to shine.

Of course, our automation and self-service solutions make ongoing operation a lot simpler. For some customers, this is sufficient to ease their support needs to a manageable level. For others, though, an efficient, automated system puts them in a strong position when negotiating external support agreements. Comlinx provides expert, 24/7 support that can be designed to complement your in-house team, or to entirely free them to concentrate on growing your business.

Performance, Analytics and Optimisation

The speed of business means that decisions have to be made rapidly.

As the pace increases, the need for fast, accurate information grows. Information that brings understanding about customers, operations, suppliers, communities and economies. A wealth of insights is available within the big data stored by most organisations – but accessing those insights rapidly and effectively requires the Comlinx touch.

Making business decisions often can’t wait – but making well supported decisions depends on having the latest information available when you need it. The difference between fast, powerful analytics and frustrating limitations is inevitably in the planning. Comlinx plans make sure that you have strong infrastructure foundations that can secure the best results.

Even the best designed solutions benefit from the right team to make them reality. Our specialists work closely with you to understand your business needs and constraints. Our focus is on building an exceptionally high performance infrastructure that makes your business smarter and more agile than ever before.

Avaya screen - analysis

Remote Agent

Technology advancements continue to change the geography of the contact centre. No longer does distance or location restrict the ability of your staff to work effectively. In fact, Comlinx Remote Agent solutions make it possible to provide differentiated customer service anytime, all the time, and from anywhere.

Comlinx specialises in and leverages leading edge technology from our partners, enabling full-featured agent positions beyond the brick and mortar building. Contact centre agents can work from home, from a remote office, from anywhere. Such flexibility provides your business the ability to attract and retain highly qualified people in a competitive marketplace. Removing the requirement to commute to a contact centre location can allow your business access to a much more diverse workforce, overcoming limitations of geography, time zones or physical disability. Such a dedicated workforce enables businesses to provide superior customer service via knowledgeable, experienced agents, at a lower total cost.