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When you’re banking, purchasing, or dealing with any number of transactions online, chances are, you’ll need a little help or advice from time to time. Sometimes, there’s no substitute for picking up the phone. Even though many contact centres are 24/7 operations, though, there are times when the convenience of a social media enquiry or the immediate nature of instant messaging can make a lot more sense.

Maybe your customers are checking some transaction details at 3am and don’t want to wake the household, or perhaps they are time-poor and want to make a quick enquiry while on hold for a less responsive competitor. Either way, if you can integrate the various communication channels so that your staff always know the latest customer information, chances are that you’ll be easier to deal with.

Research from unified communications experts Avaya found that 93% of business managers believe failure to provide a holistic, personalised and proactive customer experience leads to lost customers – and lower revenues. Or in other words, nailing new era customer interactions pays for itself, over and over.

Avaya’s advice is to ‘understand your customer’s true experience. See the hiccups. Then, put a turnaround into action.’

The focus on customer understanding has made Avaya’s omnichannel technology win a lot of fans. They’re big on making customer experience seamless and intuitive, and giving staff better tools to support their efforts.

How great is it when you message a support person, and they immediately know about an arrangement you made with their colleague an hour earlier? Or when they know all the details of a complex problem without making you repeat yourself? Yet well-designed multimedia contact centres go beyond efficient responses.

For your staff, bringing together multiple channels, and doing it well, gives them the opportunity to shine. They can perform better – and they can cross-sell more effectively. Your contact centre team can deal with customers with deeper empathy when they are fully aware of their circumstances – and for most of us, being understood is a powerful experience.

One of the big things that smart businesses get right is automation. While the notion of automating processes may sound rather, well, sterile in nature, it actually can be used to make customer experiences more meaningful. It is partly a matter of building intuitive environments that help your people to anticipate needs; predicting what will benefit or interest a customer, before they think of it themselves, makes sound business sense. Beyond that, though, automation can reduce administrative burden in favour of giving your staff time to build a rapport and ask the right questions.

Imagine, for example, the non-profit that wants to reach as many donors as possible. When the phones are quiet, your system can prompt them to make outgoing calls to regular supporters, or to inform a major investor about the difference their large donation has made to the cause they care about. Automation makes that process simple and effective, and the personal touch builds a stronger bond with customers.

Feed the additional intelligence of those combined customer channels into your analytics technology, and you’re on a very fast track to market insights beyond your competitors’ dreams. You can target individual customers, locations or groups with personalised marketing offers, and watch your share of the market rise while others in the industry are still trying to figure out how you did it.

We’ve seen our customers experiencing extraordinary increases in customer satisfaction ratings when they master the art of multimedia contact centres. It has, they tell us, brought about a real closeness with the people they serve. For those passionate about outstanding customer service, technology is bringing about some very satisfying wins.

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