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Avaya gold business partner, Comlinx, has won a contract with Domino’s Pizza to update its communications systems.

To be rolled out in December, the installation involves Avaya’s one-X Mobile client software, which connects management BlackBerry phones to a new network. The integration will allow users to gain access to the system’s audio conferencing, voicemail, email, instant messaging and other features. Avaya video telephony and endpoints from Polycom will also be rolled out to provide IP-based video calling capabilities.

Comlinx director, Wayne Shaw, said the integrator had repeated this deployment a number of times in the past, and proactively approached Domino’s with the solution.

“I discovered the opportunity through my own investigations – it’s an ongoing contract with further opportunities in the future, and fits with our business model where we like to work with high profile brands with a strong presence in Queensland,” Shaw said.

The contract was one of the larger deployments for Comlinx, Shaw said. He would not specify financial details.

“We’re seeing an increasing uptake in this kind of technology in gaming, education, government, bank and finance verticals, as well as retail,” he said. “We’re finding, pre-recession, that organisations are looking to push people out of expensive office space and into areas where they can be productive while being mobile.”

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