Exploring Customer & Team Engagement Solutions

Today’s customers are as likely to interact with you by instant message or social media as they are by phone or email. Creating a consistent service across communication channels builds a personalised experience for your customers.

Comlinx offers customer engagement solutions that cultivate the modern customer journey. Every interaction can be backed by an omni-channel solution. It’s an enormous opportunity for your business and your customers alike.

Customer experience management is about more than just bringing together multiple channels though. By smart use of automation technologies, you can support your people to perform more efficiently, and build intuitive environments that allow them to focus more attention on building rapport with your customers.

When a group of people bring together specific skills, expertise and ideas, a team is born. With the right tools in place, that team can be dispersed across multiple locations, yet still collaborate seamlessly. Almost as if they they were in the same office.  

Comlinx can help you build a collaborative solution that allows your key stakeholders to communicate and work together. We establish methods that leverage the power of collaboration technology, driving staff productivity and business outcomes. Comlinx helps integrate communications through voice, instant messaging, video, email and SMS, allowing you to present a unified user interface and create a consistent end user experience. 

Once your collaborative workplace is established, our support options can be shaped to fit your own needs.

Customer Engagement Solution Benefits

360° Customer View

Make conversations personal with the support of real-time customer data.

Improved Buyers Journey

Collaborative solutions make a buyer’s journey richer and more consistent.

Unforgettable Service

Harness technology that fosters unforgettable customer experiences through personalisation on every level.

Team Engagement Solution Benefits

Seamless Business Connectivity

Make end-to-end connections possible with every business stakeholder.

Strengthened Customer Service

Offer customers a more personalised experience, using virtual communication options that engage them with your business.

Improved Culture, Improved Results

Bringing technology, people and processes together gives your business has a better chance of success over less connected competition.

Customer Engagement Services

Omnichannel contact centres

Whether using voice, social media, IM, or email, you can be sure to have ready access to all communications and customer history. Catering for multiple channels can represent an enormous opportunity for those able to create an integrated, consistently high level of service.

Automation & Self-Service

Empower your customers and colleagues to be more self-sufficient, wherever and whenever they choose to engage with your business. Comlinx has the knack of creating powerful user experiences that shrink the amount of time you spend on support.

Performance, Analytics & Optimisation

A wealth of insights is available within the big data stored by most organisations – but accessing those insights rapidly and effectively requires the Comlinx touch. Our specialists work closely with you to understand business performance and to provide insights and recommendations.

Team Engagement Services


With today’s tools and the right expertise, a rich, vibrant conference experience is made possible – without bringing participants together in the same place. The Comlinx advantage means you can share presentations, interact with an audience, and create powerful collaboration. No flights or hotels needed!


As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words, so a video must tell a thousand pictures. Whatever devices they use, we can help your team to collaborate better. When showing is far more powerful than telling, Comlinx solutions let you tap into the power of video.

Presence & Instant Messaging

Today’s customers expect instant response from businesses, and instant messaging is a powerful tool for those who prefer not to pick up the phone. At Comlinx, we can help you tailor a solution that makes your customers feel welcomed and valued, however they choose to interact.

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