Why is cyber security important?

The right security plan goes beyond the traditional essentials such as firewalls, antivirus and encryption. Comlinx security experts design advanced threat protection solutions, built on a new generation of tools and strategies that make sure you welcome connections with your customers and communities, while safeguarding your information assets. If you need to create bold, dynamic, mobile-friendly environments – think Comlinx.

Security should not be treated as a limiting factor. In fact, we view it as an enabler. Bringing together the best in security technology and Comlinx expertise lets your business flourish, without ever feeling restricted.

Building a fully secure environment takes a special kind of expertise. Our consultants don’t just have advanced security knowledge; they understand the business and individual behaviours that can increase or reduce risk. It is this depth of knowledge that enables them to build outstanding security solutions for real-world organisations.


Protected data

Most businesses store commercially sensitive data and sensitive client information. A breach can cause catastrophic damage to reputation. We can protect your data.

Reduced Downside

Every year, cybercrimes attacks cost businesses billions of dollars in losses. Breaches can go beyond reputational damage. A professional program should protect your data.

Business Continuity

A strong security program breeds organisational resilience and positions you for the long. 44 percent of executives consider cyber security to be a competitive advantage for their organisations.


Companies can leverage cyber security as a significant driver for digital services, products and models. Become a winner in the digital era.

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Consulting Services

Expertise to help you understand, manage and reduce business security risk.


Professional Services

Guidance, design and project management to ensure your project is deployed and tested within cost and time constraints.


Managed Services

Services to strengthen security posture, proactively manage incidents, and extend security capabilities within your organisation.


Intelligence & Analytics

Gain intelligence through security data and analytics, security operations centres, incident response and threat reports.

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