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When you look at the enormous disruption that some traditional industries have seen over the last few years, it is hardly surprising that the need for agility preoccupies many business executives. Nobody wants to lose market share – or dominance – to new digital businesses. On one hand, slow unwieldy systems increase the risk, while on the other, the ability to bring innovations to market quickly represents a massive opportunity.

In this era, much of the burden falls on the IT team, so any business benefits from making the most of their expert resources, whether internal or external. Creating a fertile environment for innovation requires some groundwork. After all, it is hard to devote time to new ideas without the right foundations.

Cloud has been around for a few years now, and as the hype and uncertainty subsides, it can be seen for what it is: a real opportunity to gain agility, dependent on the right planning and implementation. It is not the answer to everything, but it can be a very good part of your toolkit.

The preparation is what has caused many to flounder or overspend. Often, inadequate network capabilities leaves businesses exposed to a number of problems. If it doesn’t have the simplicity and scalability to keep up with an on-demand system, your network can be a real stumbling block. Sure, scalability gets mentioned a lot, but when it comes to cloud adoption, lack of capacity can really choke productivity.

Vendors like Juniper Networks have long been advocating for intelligent networks that do more than just cope with cloud. They developed the MetaFabric architecture, featuring switching, routing and security platforms, specifically to shine in cloud solutions. Data centres using MetaFabric and Juniper switches vs. competitor hardware deliver real, measurable savings. It is attention to changing needs that has impressed businesses. What worked five or ten years ago would be unlikely to meet the challenges of today’s IT world.

What has really struck a chord with customers is the ease with which they can now connect multiple data centres and locations across virtual and physical networks. This allows for sharing of resources, so they can both cut costs and make management so much easier. With increasing security challenges, multiple layers of defence against threats, and ability to see the entire network from a single point, have been welcome additions.

The great thing about new technology is when we see it making a real difference to the customers we support. One of the most satisfying things in our business is when we see the solutions we design being used as the foundations for genuinely smart ideas. The innovative new applications and exciting services that are hitting the market are thanks to the vision of the clients we support – and knowing we helped them is a great feeling.

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