Intelligent Networks

It would be easy to dismiss the importance of the core network in the era of cloud, but in fact cloud increases demands.

There is more reason than ever to focus attention on the speed, security and capacity of your network – and to understand who is connecting, why and when. In fact, assessing your network should be among the first considerations when planning to move applications to the cloud. To build an intelligent network that allows new technologies to shine, Australia’s leading brands turn to Comlinx.

The Solutions

Data Centre & High Speed Networking

Today’s organisations need individually designed Data Centre and high Speed Networking solutions that are smart enough to know who is connected, what they are doing and where they are permitted to go. Our experts design a solid base that allows you to make the most of demanding new technologies – whether off-premise or in-house.  If you’re planning to make the most of what cloud has to offer, plan to work with Comlinx.

Adjusting or updating your network doesn’t have to be a painful or disruptive undertaking. One of the reasons our experts ask so many questions during the planning phase is to make sure your network has maximum performance and reliability with minimum fuss. When Australian businesses want networks intelligent enough to let them collaborate safely with customers and communities, they turn to the experts at Comlinx.

For many organisations, the day-to-day running of a network is an unwelcome distraction from their core business needs. For others, it is impractical to recruit and retain sufficient network specialists to operate on a 24/7 schedule. Whatever your reason for needing extra support, Comlinx has a team of Australia’s most skilled networking specialists to make sure you have a foundation that can power your business.

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)

Data centres of all shapes and sizes – including colocation companies, internet exchange centres, web service companies, cloud and content providers, and large enterprises – are seeing an increased demand for flexible bandwidth between locations. Driven by the growing use of streaming video services, enterprise demand for cloud services, as well as the virtualization of data centre operations, data centre operators are challenged with quickly connecting large campuses with very high bandwidth over regional distances.

In addition to the service bandwidth explosion, data centre operators are coming under increased pressure to rapidly scale with energy-efficient, cost-effective network infrastructure. This equipment not only requires small form factors and low energy consumption, but must also enable the data centre to maintain low latency, high reliability, survivable connectivity and maintain Service Level Agreements. Talk to Comlinx about how we can provide fully managed solutions to solve this problem for your organisation. We have extensive experience in dealing with Data Centre providers, Government and critical Enterprise Network customers.

SDWAN / Programmable Branch

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a new methodology aimed at simplifying office networking and optimising application performance, superior to traditional WANs thanks to its increased network agility and reduced cost. It stems from Software-Defined Networking, a principle based around abstracting network hardware and transport characteristics from applications using a network. Comlinx believe SDWAN offers customers a great opportunity to provision capacity and deploy virtualised network services easily across the business, giving the flexibility to respond faster than ever before. Intelligent automation reduces the burden of network management, ideal for modern business needs.

Wireless Networking

A concept overtaking the corporate and government landscape is being defined as the ‘digital workplace’. An environment where the workforce is mobile and utilising smarter spaces. Your business needs to harness new technologies like incredibly fast Wi-Fi, IoT, mobile UC in order to join this revolution. The end result? An organisation that is fast, mobile and outcome focused.

Leading companies in this day and age are embracing mobile-first strategies. Better yet, IT infrastructures are being effectively set up to support said initiatives. Wrapping around a layer of cyber security and protection acts as the finishing touch.

Create a smarter and more connected business by talking to Comlinx about wireless networking.

The Benefits of an Intelligent Network

Cost savings

Using a managed service model for your network and infrastructure environment requires fewer resources than an on-premise alternative. It also adds a potent combination of expertise and flexibility for your business.

Eliminate day-to-day

For many organisations, the day-to-day running of a network is an unwelcome distraction from their core business needs. For others, it is impractical to recruit and retain network specialists. Let Comlinx do it for you.


Your business will grow and change over time – so your IT environment needs the agility to keep up. Comlinx managed services scale as needed – because when you see a great business opportunity, the last thing you should worry about is your network.

Focus on growth

When you leave back-of-house IT to Comlinx experts, you are free to focus on growth. Use your resources to expand and achieve more, while we take care of the rest.

Managed Service and Network As a Service

Comlinx continue to provide end to end 24 x 7 Managed Service across a broad range of our customers networks. More recently the trend toward “As a Service” has meant the introduction of our Comlinx Network as a Service. This is a customised solution offer that is specifically built based on your networking needs and then delivered to you as a monthly amount inclusive of your required Comlinx Services and 24 x 7 Monitoring.

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