Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Enterprise grade cyber security

A single click is all it takes on a malicious link or e-mail attachment to infect an organisation with a cyber invasion that can result in huge breaches, ransomware, data theft and even reputational damage. Even with traditional security measures in place, the digital world is filled with content bearing hard-to-detect exploits. Simply visiting a site can open the door to malware that has the potential to infect your entire network.

Cyber threats have reached unprecedented sophistication and volume, causing many organisations to fight back with effective and efficient countermeasures that detect vulnerabilities, remediate breaches, and automatically enforce against future threats. Is your business covered? Are you protecting what you value most – your business?

Juniper Sky™ Advanced Threat Prevention (Juniper Sky ATP) aggressively defends against advanced threats in real time. By continually analysing web and e-mail traffic, it can hunt for evasive malware before it takes root. Juniper Sky ATP uses a pipeline of processes to quickly detect and prevent cyber attacks, including sophisticated machine learning algorithms, sandboxing to trick malware into self-identifying, an antivirus engine to filter out known threats, and code analysis to identify possible dangerous fragments.

Comlinx can provide onsite expertise and training to ensure that your implementation for Juniper Sky ATP is quick, smooth, and effective.

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  • Powerful machine learning algorithms
  • Closes the gap between threat detection and response
  • Automatically blocks high-risk threats before damage can be done
  • Dynamic analysis with techniques to trick malware into activating and self-identifying
  • Actively protects against threats
  • Simplifys security infrastructure
  • Continued reduction in incidents
  • Rapid cache lookups to speed up previous malware identification
$1 trillion

Gartner predicts cyber security spending to exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021.

$6 trillion

The financial damage caused by cyber crime is expected to hit $6 trillion by 2021, according to Hackerpocalypse.


Protected data

Ensure your commercially sensitive data remains protected with Juniper Sky ATP. Avoid the significant reputational damage caused by cyber crimes.

Reduced Downside

It’s not just reputational damage that is a concern but also financial. Billions of dollars in cyber attacks occur each year. Reduce your downside by implementing a end-to-end cyber security program.

Business Continuity

Sky Juniper ATP helps form a strong cyber security program which breeds organisational resilience. In fact, 44 percent of executives consider cyber security to be a competitive advantage for their organisations.

Digitisation Enablement

Companies can leverage cyber security as a significant driver behind digital services, products and models. Become a pioneer in the digital era.


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