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Intelligent networks might seem something of a no-brainer in today’s always-on business world, but how do we secure them? Clearly, shifting networking technology and newly emerging risks merits re-assessing the way threats are dealt with.

As you might expect, there is a new generation of security options designed to defend businesses against the latest known threats – but some go beyond that to protect your environment against unknown threats.

Led by the likes of Juniper, whose intelligent networking expertise gives them an edge, vendors are responding to the need to anticipate security challenges before they even happen. This is good news for organisations that face an extraordinary level and variety of risk.

There are a few factors that have increased and changed risk in recent times. Opportunities such as mobility give employees freedom to perform their jobs anywhere, any time, but they are a security game changer. It is no longer appropriate to just lock an environment down tight, so some smarts are needed to devise ways that employees can work securely without constraint.

Meanwhile, those posing a risk have changed too. Sure, the individual hackers still exist, but all kinds of businesses are now targeted by organised groups. Cyber-crime has become big business, and the methods change almost daily.

Next-generation firewalls have to support fast, secure, highly available data centres – and they have to be far smarter than their predecessors. Options like Juniper’s SRX series boast 99.9999% reliability in response to the need for always-on service. When you look at the expectations of today’s customers and employees, that sort of reliability can be considered a must.

On the plus side, some of the new breed of firewalls are designed to be a lot simpler to integrate and manage, which means fewer headaches for overloaded IT professionals. We work with many of our customers on devising security strategies and putting these essentials in place, so that they are equipped to secure their environments without their users feeling straightjacketed into restrictive work practices. With that security comes greater freedom to perform, so the time spent is fully worthwhile.

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