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We talk a lot about the different IT security risks that businesses face. Cyber-crime is no longer just something that happens to other, higher profile organisations. Whether a small business or a larger corporation, nobody can expect to fly under the radar of those seeking to exploit weaknesses.

One of the big risk factors is complexity. The less manageable, and less centralised your network, the harder it is to keep your environment safe. It is a risk that can be very effectively shut down, though, with some smart networking choices.

One of the priorities is visibility, and another is automation. These factors are pre-occupying the more competitive vendors, and with good reason. An intelligent network is designed to easily create and deploy policies based on real-time security intelligence, what’s not to like? When enforcement is automated, threat detection is much, much faster, and the cyber-criminals find it harder to get a look-in. You present a smaller target.

Juniper coined the term software defined secure network (SDSN) to describe an environment where the best in intelligent networks integrates very clever, real-time security. It is expected that their competitors will follow, because SDSN makes a lot of sense. Given the onslaught that organisations face every day, it is a welcome boost to technology teams.

The centrally controlled SDSN gives visibility throughout the physical and virtual network, and actionable intelligence can be shared fast. Every element in the SDSN becomes a policy enforcement point, so no matter where your users connect, they are quickly and automatically secured against new risks.

The outcome is that users are better protected, and businesses get to protect their vital systems, as well as managing costs very efficiently indeed. Importantly, this is achieved in parallel with simplifying network administration and management.

Skilled IT resources are no longer chained to an unwieldy system, spending hours on end on the thankless task of performing security updates.

For most businesses, those IT experts are an untapped resource that can make serious inroads into business efficiency and growth. They have a combination of creativity, technical know-how and business understanding that make a powerful mix – if they get sufficient freedom from the daily grind, they may be your star performers.

To learn more about SDSN opportunities click here, or talk to the friendly Comlinx team.


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