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Stop Attackers from Using Encrypted Traffic to Evade Your Security Defenses

Given rapid adoption of the SSL encryption to protect customer and corporate data, attackers are hiding in SSL traffic. These attacks are not visible to existing security solutions.

Watch a 2 minute video to learn how Comlinx together with A10 Networks can help you eliminate SSL blind spots and help uncover hidden threats in SSL traffic while maintaining compliance.

Learn the 6 ways Cyber Hackers are launching their attacks and how your business can protect your data from them. Download the infographic, “Top 6 Dangers of Not Inspecting SSL Traffic,” and discover how to:

• Prevent attackers from tunneling in through holes in your current security system
• Expose hackers hiding in malicious SMTP attachments, instant message files, malware, and more
• Reduce downtime and maintain compliance, while ensuring your business is protectedYour organisation can’t afford to have encrypted traffic blind spots.

Your organisation can’t afford to have encrypted traffic blind spots. To learn how we can help you protect your data from today’s cyber attackers, contact the Comlinx team.


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